The relevance in the way both parties approach churches and religion.

I have found it interesting in how most pundits and partisans following this election have focused very little on the religious affiliation of both McCain and Biden. Instead, the majority of the focus has been on Obama and Palin and the churches they have attended.

The focus on Obama’s church has zoomed in on the political statements of Obama’s pastor. There have been allegations that his pastor has spoken, in his church, on topics such as hatred for the United States, as well as made divisive and some would say racist comments. People have wondered if Obama shares some of these political beliefs that have been espoused in his church.

In contrast, the focus on Palin and her church has focused much more on her personal religious beliefs, rather than any political statements espoused by her church, prior church, or pastors (past or present). People have made much of her belief in creation, church membes speaking in tongues or other “gifts of the spirit”.

The contrast here should be evident to anyone who is not an extreme partisan. Those more associated with Republicans have questioned political statements made in Obama’s church. Those more associated with Democrats have questioned personal religious beliefs of those in Palins (past and present churches).

Have Republicans questioned the religious beliefs of Obama’s church? Has anyone tried to paint patrons as “religious nut-jobs” for a religious belief? It is a Christian Church and as such should believe what is written in the bible. Does Obama’s church not believe in creation? Does it not believe, as Christians by very definition, that Jesus was the Christ (the Messiah), that he lived, died and rose again? Does Obama’s church not partake in communion – the eating of bread and drinking of wine – which is symbolic of Christ’s flesh and blood? Does Obama’s church not believe in the miracles that are attributed to Christ and the Apostles? Those of a more Republican persuasion are not asking these questions. They are personal, religious beliefs; every religion whether it be Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Bhuddist, etc. has unique religious beliefs that may seem strange or odd to those who do not prescribe to those beliefs. The thing is, is that there are followers of these various religions that are in governments and are heads of state in democracies around the world and none of these representatives of the people, in democratic countries, have turned their countries into states that have abolished all religions save one, none have forced conversion to the one religion, none have placed the government and legal system second to the leaders of such a one religion.

Those on the extreme Left that have made such assertions about Republicans are guilty of the highest order of hypocrisy and hyperbole. In fact, the accusations and the attempt to muzzle or silence those with religions beliefs is in fact damaging to a democratic system of government, established upon tennants of free speech and freedom of ideals and freedom of religion.