Joe Scarborough: The Sellout

Joe Scarborough: The Sellout

Once upon a time, Joe Scarborough was a Republican serving in the House of Representatives for six years (1995-2001). He knows what it is like to be accused of something unjustly. When he had an aide that died in his Florida office in 2001 while he was in Washington D.C., there were attacks levied at him by many people, including Michael Moore, accusing him of everything from wrong-doing to actual allegations of murder; even though he was more than a thousand miles away. Scarborough knows what it is like to have baseless charges levied against him.

This makes it all the more disgusting when Scarborough joined in on the Left’s talking-points this morning on his MSNBC show, Morning Joe. Scarborough defended the Left’s attacks on Sarah Palin’s personal and family life by repeating the liberal mantra that said attacks aren’t really being levied at Palin’s pregnant daughter or her Down syndrome baby; instead these horrible attacks are purportedly about the vetting process. Scarborough sidestepped these baseless, guttersnipe attacks (attacks not all that dissimilar to the ones he faced in 2001) and instead reiterated the Left’s talking points.

Let us all be clear: the attacks on innocent minors, innocent children is horrendous. Of course, we all know how dearly the Left values the lives of innocent children when we view their rabid defense of an abortion policy that has legalized the murder of more than 50 million unborn human children. To claim that the attack on these children, as well as the sexist tone of the attacks on Sarah Palin is somehow really about McCain’s vetting process is a too-late, bait-and-switch tactic and a lame attempt to cover up their own guttersnipe attacks. Scarborough joined in and has attempted to legitimize this fallacious cover-up by the Left. This is very disappointing, especially when Palin has a stance on issues not all the dissimilar from Scarborough’s own values while he was in office; back when he was a Republican and not a Leftist talk-points-tool on MSNBC.