I Did Not Know That 19 Months of Campaigning Prepared One for the Presidency

Someone needs to look this up and find out if it is one of the Democratic talking points. Talking head after talking head be it Andrea Mitchel, Chris Matthews, you name it there have been countless references on MSNBC, CBS, ABC, etc., as well as representatives from the Obama campaign – whenever someone brings up the issue of B. Obama’s lack of experience, they tell you that “he’s been running a campaign for president for 19 months” and “that he’s been fielding questions in the media the whole time” as if stumping the campaign trail and getting chummy with reporters somehow prepares one for the Oval Office.

I will grant, Obama can read a teleprompter and evoke an emphatic response from crowds. However, I thought one of Sarah Palin’s best lines in her speech this evening was when she stated how Obama has found the time to write 2 different memoirs and yet somehow has not found the time to write/sponsor a single major piece of legislation.