Medicare cuts start in December 2010

I received a call from the AMA asking me to take action by calling my congressman to demand something be done to prevent cutting care to Medicare patients after November 31, 2010 .

My personal view is that everyone should take care of themselves, save widows and orphans, but I decided to look into the matter.

After all, the Demoncrats have most seniors conned into thinking they will be taken care of as long as they vote to put the Demoncrats back in office.

A look at the AMA’s website produced some useful information.

The Medicare cuts to reduce payment to doctors kicks in December 1st, 2010 . Part of the 500 Billion dollar cut in Medicare benefits signed by “The One” on May 23. 2010, it will reduce payments to doctors by 23 percent. The number of Doctors who will not accept Medicare patients is expected to balloon after this date. Many doctors won’t see seniors now due to the low payments. There is another 6 percent cut effective January 1st, 2011.

It is hard to run a business when you take patients who cost more than you are being paid to treat them, so doctors for seniors will be hard to find.

Looks like “The One” has finally found his “shovel ready” projects, our senior citizens. (Thanks Rush)

If Aunt Sally still tells you that “Mr. Roosevelt” is going to save her, you might share this info with her.

Rather curious that the changes don’t go into effect until after the election, isn’t it?

Get the word out, time is short.