Obama to throw in the towel in Iraq?

A gentleman I spoke with today was just back from Iraq. I was rather disturbed as he  described the current handling of prisoners.

Bring them to your base, confine them, can’t touch them or coerce them. If they want to tell you something, it’s OK.

After two weeks you must release them with any intel on your base they have gathered while there.

It’s common knowledge, so the bad guys have nothing to fear if they can get captured.They just wait it out, clean bed and square meals for two weeks and then off on their merry way.

The guys on the ground, at least that this one was around, see it as the beginning of throwing in the towel.

The bad guys, (can’t call them combatants now can I?)  just laugh at the Americans and walk back to their unit.

Oh, Fearless Leader is really sharp.