NC Catawba County Gop


HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!The GOP Christmas Breakfast will be held at the Catawba Country Club

on December 6,2008 from 9:00 am – 11:00 am. The cost is $17.00 per adult.

The 2009 officers for the Men's Forum are as follows:President - Eric Farr1st Vice-President - Richard Thompson2nd Vice-President / Secretary - Clifton SmithTreasurer - Gary MayesThere will not be a December Men's Forum or Women's club meeting.The January meeting of the Men's Forum & Women's Clubwill be held on the 2nd Thur in January, Jan. 7, 2009I would like to have one of the Women's Club

members to email me any announcements,

and the planned program for the coming month to me

as the information becomes available

to you.

Ed [email protected]