Which constitution is the Demoncratic party modeling?

I have been listening to Obama’s ideas to dismantle the constitution.A trip over to the DNC site to look at the platform again confirmed my suspicions.Where do all these “rights” the Dems keep referring to come from?

Rights such as the “Right to housing”

“Right” you say? Yes , indeed. I found it in the Constitution! The communist constitution.Ch7, Article 44.

Hmmm… OK. How about a “Right” to an education. Hear a lot about that one.Yep, there is in the Constitution. The communist constitution.Ch7 Article 45.

Right to healthcare?

It’s in the constitution. The communist constitution.Ch7 Article 42

A right to social security and welfare? It’s in the Constitution. The communist constitution.Ch7 Article 43.

So… if you care to compare the Demoncrat platform to the communist constitution, you can lay aside any doubts about the inspiration for same.

If you ever had any doubts about the intentions of the present day Demoncratic party, go to http://www.thisnation.com/library/ussr.html and read it for yourself.

The media belittles those who sound the warning bell, but the media is a part of the problem, not the solution.

If you can read the above link and still get behind a party that supports same, then don’t come griping when the misery and horrors occur that have accompanied every other socialist government established on this earth, for there is no where else to run.


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