I get a thrill ,every time the media squeals, "she's not qualified"

If Sara Palin was as bad a candidate as they claim, the the LibMedia would just ignore her.Instead, they tear her down.

Stephanoupolos, this very morning took time to tell us that why McCain can’t elected with Palin on the ticket. She is a “drag” on the ticket.

This former Clinton lackey is just one example of hundreds in the LibMedia that have zeroed in Palin.

I love it.

If Stephie knew he was right,instead of disparaging her, he would be having a party to celebrate winning the election. Instead he realizes she will carry the day, and that scares the dickens out of him and the other little Lenins out there in the LibMedia.

I have a rule of thumb that has yet to let me down:

“If the LibMedia hate someone, I’m probably going to love them”

So, I often let the Socialist supporting LibMedia filter which people I should pay attention to. If they like a candidate, they are generally anti-freedom with a Socialist bent and vice-versa.

Of, course, we could just compare our veep candidate to their presidential candidate. Try to get that discussion airtime..

“May you live in interesting times” – Old Chinese Curse