McCaining Sara...

I was watching the news emphasize a story that Sara Palin’s popularity has dropped in the polls.

Also mentioned was her performance responding to questions from reporters.

This, of course, prompted some thought about the causes of this drop.

The possible reason that causes me the most concern is “McCain”izing Palin.

McCain’s mediocre standing on conservative issues was greatly enhanced when Sara Palin came on strong with her conservative views.

To try to clone her to be a little McCain will only hurt the party’s standing that was gained with the Palin selection.

The Veep selection is often done to try to “balance” the ticket.To neutralize that advantage would be a huge mistake.

Just as McCain is able to debate well by responding from his well established stands, Palin will debate effectively by responding from her core values.

Should she be required to debate by being someone other than herself, then her effectiveness is substantially diminished.

Just watch Obama try to be someone else as an example.

If Senator McCain can look past his rather large ego, I believe Palin will help deliver the day. If not, the country goes down the Democrat toilet.

“May you live in interesting times” – Old Chinese Curse

We are certainly living in “interesting” times.