The conservative movement of Goldwater is dead

Voter Turnout wrote that “the conservative movement of Goldwater is dead,” a popular chant on LibMedia.

Why shouldn’t he believe it. If he turns on any of the little 4 networks or picks up a newspaper, he gets beat over the head with this mantra day and night by commentators who “get a tingle up their leg,” thinking about Socialist candidates.

If the conservative movement of Goldwater is dead, this country is done for.

In spite of wishful thinking of the blueblood Republicans and the liberals (some spell that “moderates”) in this country, reports of the conservative movement’s demise are greatly exaggerated.

Since the days of media monopoly when liberals from Cronkite on had exclusive control of what we were allowed to hear, to today when there are alternative ways to get the truth to the people, there have been attempts to water down the conservative message.

Drop a frog in a pot of hot water and he will jump out.Drop a frog in a pot of cool water and bring the heat up slowly, just a bit at a time, and before the frog knows it, he is cooked.

I shall not be cooked!

The alternative of conservatism in this country is presently Socialism.”As long as I got my six pack and TV remote, I’m happy””The government will take care of it””I sure do like that free cheese”

Allowing other men to enslave us economically is enslavement still.

The hand that feeds receives your full attention.

Unfortuately, that hand , for many is the goverment.

Roosevelt’s plan to keep the Demoncrats in power for the next 50 years came mighty close, at great peril to the country.The Demoncrat Socialist method of buying votes by taking money out of other’s pockets has met with some success, but is not sustainable. (Look up USSR)

Principles and character do not change.

They are noble lasting things. Only people change, and when they cannot or will not measure up to noble ideals, they belittle the standards and try to lower everyone’s sights so they are not perceived as missing the mark.

We should all be so bold as to look in the mirror and make an honest evaluation of where we stand.

Most will not.

“Do not grow weary in well doing.”