Christian bashing.. again

When AP Media hitman Eric Gorki took on the task to impugn the religion of Sarah Palin, he accomplished what these media hacks usually accomplish when they delve into areas that they are obviously unfamiliar with. They irritate the informed and sway the ignorant.

Sadly their main effectiveness is with other people who are unfamiliar with the topic chosen, Christianity.

Gorki seems to indicate it is ok if you are some lukewarm, benchwarmer Christian, (probably because they usually warm a bench and don’t get in the devil’s way.)

However, if you are part of an evangelical movement that shares their religion and changes peoples lives, then you are to be feared. Gorki even brings up belief in the Holy Spirit as disqualification for our vice presidential candidate.

Gorki then associated Palin’s name with the feared and dreaded John Ashcroft. Thank you Gorki, Palin’s numbers should rise fifteen points.

Gorki’s concern that Palin believes that God is involved in events on this ball of mud is interesting in itself.He treats Christianity much the same as the explorer who discovers the small group of indigenous people who had never seen the outside world and practice some unknown religion.

I wonder what he would have written if Palin had been a Muslim or a Hindu or just a plain old heathen?

Besides, what part of “Thou shall not kill” and “Thou shall not steal” is bad for people?

Perhaps on the next road trip Gorki should check for a Gideon Bible in the nightstand and do a little research.

Might be a first for him.