Changing a Liberal's mind without losing yours...

I had the opportunity to teach in a public school on Friday and lunch with a team of teachers.

This lunch was very revealing about the politics of the crowd.Being a rural school, the mix was about five conservatives and two Demoncrats.The loudest proponent of any position was a staunch GOP man. His delivery,unfortunately, was very loud and abrasive, doing nothing to sway the Democrat that he was having the exchange with.

In truth, I am sure the Dem’s position was entrenched by the onslaught.

When asked if I could support a candidate like Obama, I smiled and replied that I held no Marxist leanings, thus, I could not. For the rest of the lunch I resisted the terribly strong temptation to stir the pot.

After lunch, in the hallway, I ran into the Obama proponent, who I had not had any cross words with and chatted.I asked of him, with straight face and without being condescending, what Obama brought to the table.

“Well I don’t like Bush,” came out, but I pressed gently for an answer to my question. Bear in mind this nice person got most of his information from M(arxist)S(ocialist)NBC, so there were no surprises. Obama was going to put it to the rich people and lower his taxes.

When faced with the numbers, that if the top two- percent were taxed 100%, it would still only operate the government for a few days, someone would have to pay for all the new spending, the fellow began to wonder who would foot the bill.

He then asked me what McCain/Palin brought to the table. We started with national security, smaller government, and worked down the list….. No comment.

Turns out, this fellow owned rental property and had sold some real estate in the past. I got him to think about a ten or fifteen percent increase in capital gains taxes and the impact on his pocket book. By this point he mentioned that he was really more of an Independent than a Democrat.

My point is that some folks are ignorant and thus hold their socialist views, and some folks are just stupid.If a person is a rabid Democrat and falls in the latter category, I would advise against trying to rehabilitate them.

Doing so is much like trying to teach a pig to sing. You will only frustrate yourself and really irritate the pig.

If they are merely ignorant, having been raised on MSNBC and the media without any factual content, a gentle nudging may pay large dividends from time to time.

If they have the permanent type of problem though, well, remember the pig…