Cruz to Victory and the Trump Narrative

This diary assumes that we all know that the MSM and talk radio is in the tank for Trump and that they hate Ted Cruz. This includes, Mike Wallace of Fox News, Most on The five, Limbaugh, Ingraham, Hannity, O’Reilly, Savage, CNN. MSNBC et al.

First off, going into last night I asked my fellow Chriatians to join me in a prayer for Ted Cruz, you must have because it helped. Even my wife recognized the impact last night had on the Cruz for President campaign and by extension our Nation. Regardless of how you look at last nights results, it was a disaster for Trump. I see this as a continuation of Super Tuesday. Latest polls showed Trump up by double digits in Maine. Trump had comfortable leads in all the states that voted and caucused last night. If you are the front runner than anything at or below your margin is a loss. Any close race is a failure and any loss is a disaster.  Trump met all those guidelines last nigh. Ted Cruz had a huge night and both Trump and my guy Marco Rubio failed miserably.

So what will be the narrative? Based off of what I’m seeing on the cable news outlets and what little that I have heard for the talk radio Trumpeters, this was nothing big. It was expected. Trump is still in the lead and if anything he has solidified his grip on the south. CNN reports that this puts a little pressure on Trump, but he works best under pressure. Cruz’s strength is patchy one blow hard bellowed out and this shows that he has all but lost those ever important “Evangelicals”. For Trumps part he’s calling for Rubio to quit! A move someone in his camp must know would only hurt Trump and benefit Cruz. Trump gassed that out because  someone in his camp told him that Marco would likely bow out now. Trump wants to claim responsibility for that and change the subject for this disaster – RIGHT NOW!

Expect to see Laura Ingraham explain with her grin that this is too little too late. Limbaugh will have an explanation as to how this is part of a larger, brilliant plan that  Trumps has in the works. Hannity, who dove tails off of everything that Limbaugh says will echo whatever Rush says about this. One can gauge the impact on this event by depth of panic on display out on the MSM & Talk Radio

In the end fellow RedStater’s, this was a great night, an unexpected night and a great win for all Patriotic Americans!!!!