Was Super Tuesday Super for Trump?

Ed Rolling’s of Fox New blissfully wrote, “It’s all Over” Trump is the nominee. Rolling’s goes on to rewrite what he has been writing ever since June. CNN rejoices in a Trump trouncing!. Local blowhards are talking about Trumps Cabinet. My guess it’s the same on the EIB Network and with the call girl Laura Ingraham.

Many of us here suggested that Super Tuesday would have more than a few surprises in store for us. Super Tuesday did not disappoint us. All of the surprises came from Cruz, Rubio, and none from Trump. To a state, Trump underperformed and almost lost Virginia to Rubio when going in the polling was Trump +20 to his nearest competitor. Cruz won Oklahoma and put Trump away in Texas by a larger margin than polling showed going in. Even here in Massachusetts, Trump under performed with the benefit of upwards of 20,000 democrat crossovers.

I for one saw last night as a pleasant surprise based on what all the polls, Trump sycophants, MSM including Fox News and losers like Ed Rollings have been telling us was going to happen. The only problem is that the good voters of many states did not get the memo.

Translation of all the gloom and doom? Its panic among those who have a vested interest in seeing Trump win. Among them is the MSM who know that Trump loses to Hillary. They have to keep the narrative going that Trump is inevitable. The only problem is that their seems to be too much fight left on our sider for their liking.

I know that the margin of error for either Cruz or Rubio is narrower than that of Trump. But last night showed us that lots of voters are not swayed by the BS the Limbaugh’s of the world have been spewing out on us ever since Trump oozed into the race back in June.

Hang in there and expect the rhetoric to get more vile as the days pass.