Super Tuesday in Three Days

Super Tuesday is just around the corner and I’m wondering if the dynamics of the race have been altered by the last debate. To anyone with an objective bone in their body (this does not include Trump fools), Trump not only lost/failed miserably but he proved to be an even bigger blithering idiot than advertised.  Trump has been on the defensive for three days now and his sycophants, Limbaugh, Fox News, Ingraham and others have been in damage control in one way or another. I don’t think that his radical base or the aforementioned will be swayed but reasonable fence sitters might. As crazy or scary as it sounds, I have come across some who are not sure who to vote for, Trump among them.  Perhaps there is an opportunity for Cruz or Rubio to gain some ground

I have not been paying attention to recent polls and I’m not sure what the mood is of  voters in other states. But one this is very clear to me, this will be the first primary that Trump has been hammered with a whole lot of nasty negative news from all angles and that he clearly lost a debate in an ugly fashion.  These primaries could signal the start of something good for Patriotic Americans in that voters are starting to see the fraud that is Trump.

My question to RedSate would be. What do we think the top three (Rubio, Cruz and Trump) delegate count look like on  Wednesday morning? Who will likely have to drop out? Will this cement Trumps lead to a point where we have to concede that he has won?  What say You?