Limbaugh Says the Christie Endorsement is HUGE!!!!!

Against my better judgment, I tuned into the Rush Limbaugh show today at about 2:00 est. I thought that maybe he would have watched the debate and that he would have some honest comment on it. After all he has no problem talking about how wonderful Trump did in the last debates. To that end Rush always spends a lot of time explaining how Trump sends secret messages hidden in the words that he uses. Rush would say that these messages are aimed at certain constituencies as needed to sure up his base. It’s a brilliant plan of attack that no one seems to understand right now Rush would say.

The two o’clock hour opened up with Rush gushing over Trump’s rally in Texas, “There Trump goes praising Cruz and calling Rubio a little kid”. Oh boy look at that crowd go wild over Trump. He then switched to the Christie endorsement. This is huge folks, I mean big, big! And here is the rub, Rush continues. Everyone watching this thing pretty much knows “Trump has it all sued up”! So Rush continues. We’ll folks this Christie endorsement comes late, well we all know that Christy is establishment I mean big establishment. He could have done this earlier so why now?

By this time I was sick to my stocmack and had to throw in a Meral Haggard CD. At no time during the half hour that I could stomach his show there was no comment on the debate. As if it didn’t happen. My guess is that we will get the same thing from Ingraham. The question that I posed after the debate was, “what will the narrative be from the Trump blowhards after he’s pummeled” The answer seems to that it doesn’t matter because Trump has this all sues up.

In spite of all this posturing from the frauds who support Trump I sense a real fear there. Out of the debate came several narratives that could stick to Trump. Of these narratives some are already in the minds of voters, he’s a conman, he’s stupid, he’s short tampered, he’s a fraud. even now Rubio and Cruz are out there beating those to death.

I suspect that this could change things if Cruz and Rubio play their cards right.