Lets face the Reality of the Situation. Trump Has not won Yet

If Trump ran against Alfred E Newman he would get 30% of the vote. If Trump ran against Ronald Reagan, he would get 30% of the vote. Results in South Carolina show that about 65%  of the voters soundly rejected Trump. Of those 65% , very few would have chosen Trump as their second choice .  However, all voters who voted for someone else had Cruz or Rubio as their second choice. It a misnomer to say as, some have that if you can say 65% rejected Trump, then you have to say that 80% rejected either Cruz or Rubio. That’s false because they are drawing from the same pool of voters.  Trump has hit a very hard ceiling of that 30% – 35%, where as both Cruz and Rubio have plenty of room to grow and therein lies the problem.

We all know very well that Trump could skate to victory with a plurality of the vote. Furthermore we all know that either Rubio or Cruz would give a Trump a run for his money and either would likely put him away. I don’t see how either Rubio or Cruz steps aside for the greater good. The departure of JEB should help but we still have the Angry Headmaster (Kasich) and Sleepy the Beef (Carson) to contend with.


Is it time for one of the adults in the Republican part to call a sit down with Cruz and Rubio? Would they do it? The stakes could not be higher here folks. The evangelical vote has made a deal with the devil in going all in for Trump. Limbaugh, Hannity and Ingraham have pimped themselves out to Trump. The MSM including Fox are in it for the ratings. Unless something changes we will be looking at a Trump nomination by April and Clinton Presidency in November