Senator Cruz, Senator Rubio – I’m pleading with you!

May I refer to the two honorable Senator’s by their first name? Dear Ted, Dear Marco, if you or anyone in your campaign reads this blog or is paying attention, please know that are getting very close to crunch time. You must direct your attention to Trump and take him down once and for all.

Both of you are brilliant men. Both of you are solid conservatives and both of you are blessed Christians. Trump is none of this. Unlike Trump, I know that I am a much flawed Christian; I’m on my knees every morning asking God for direction and that his will might play out in my life. Then I thank him at every meal. We know that Jesus said that we should “turn the other cheek”. But that doesn’t mean that we have to be door mats for a false prophet.  Jesus himself went to the Temple mount and seeing all the hypocrisy and disregard for the word of God he flipped the counting table over! You Ted and You Marco must flip the counting table over so to speak and may that table be a euphemism for that and evil man Donald Trump.

It’s up to you two because only one of you two can expose him for the fraud that he is. Please do it tonight. I’ll take my chances with God for holding such resentment towards that charlatan. But you Marco and you Ted can do this easily, just think of the greater good and let it rip. We are all behind you and we’ll be watching tonight.