Cruz Makes a Huge Concession in the Debate Last Night

I’m a Rubio supporter to the end. However if Ted Cruz knocks my guy out I would then have a great second choice. If it happens I will be the first one out of the gate to help and support Senator Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz is a very deliberate can calculating conservative tactician. The man is brilliant and I love listening to him speak to conservatism. Seldom does he say or doing anything that has not been thoroughly thought through. So last night during the debate when asked a question that could be massaged into a question regarding Obama’s executive orders, Senator Cruz said that he would rescind everyone of Obama’s “illegal” executive orders. To me this is a gang of eight moment that needs clarification. Does Senator Cruz mean that any and all of Obama’s legal executive orders will be let to stand?

Executive orders have always been given a wide birth in terms of legality. It would be difficult to have a body of legal scholars decide which ones are legal or illegal. Almost all of Obama’s executive actions have done harm to the United States in some way. Whether illegal or not every one of Obama’s executive orders should be rescinded or torn up


Did I miss something here?