The Establishment now Includes Fox News Special Report

This has been a real wild election cycle, one for the ages. We do know a couple of things for sure. The Republican base, in general is very pisted off at the establishment. Trump is a result of that anger. The establishment is at a loss as to why we are so upset and they don’t care.

Last night on special report the panel talked about Cruz’s electability as one of the issues. Nina Easton said that the 2014 midterm success was because the establishment Republicans and the Chamber of Commerce had found  “electable candidates” to run. Moreover she went on to say, “The 2014 midterms had the lowest turnout of voters since world war II” So those two things are what gave the Republican control of the house and Senate. Cruz she said, would not run well in a general election because as Trump has said, “No one likes him” she was “sad” to say that if we get Cruz, as our nominee, then we will likely lose the election. Krauthammer and Liaison generally agreed.

Did I miss something? I seem to forget the McCain and Romney Presidencies. In addition, am I the only one who thinks that Hilary Clinton is very petulant, angry, dishonest and unlikable?

I think what we are seeing is the establishment preparing us, we conservatives for full backing of Trump. It is clear to me that these talking heads see Cruz as a danger and would rather support Trump. Therefore, to me, effectively, Trump has now become the establishment Candidate