"Massholes in New Hampshire

I am a true Yankee, by definition a Yankee is a native born New Englander. I was born and raised near the ocean in an area of Massachusetts called the South Shore. My father has roots that go back early 17th century Southern New Hampshire and South Boston. My mother’s roots can be traced back to the Mayflower. This area was once a very conservative area with a slight libertarian slant.

Route 128 that goes out around Boston to points north used to be Called America’s Technology Highway. There were hundreds of high technology companies serving every industry from defense to computers.  This rise took place during the late 1960’s to well into the 1970’s and began to die out during the 1980’s. I went to college for Electrical/Electronic Engineering. From  1980 until the mid 90’s someone with an engineering degree didn’t look for a job, they came to you. Why did the technology boom die out and how does it tie into New Hampshire?

In a word Michael Dukakis. Massachusetts has always had an undertone of secular progressivism peculating under neither everything given that we have the misfortune of having Harvard University among other hot beds or left wing lunacy in our back yards.  But because the economy was so good during the 60’s through the early 90’s not many people paid much attention to the insanity that was creeping in all around us. Jobs were plentiful, taxes were relatively low and  the cost of living was good. Then with the help of far left operatives Dukakis was elected Governor. Working in tandem with Kennedy and others, Dukakis set out to tap into the huge amount of revenue coming into the state from small and large businesses. This revenue would fund his progressive cradle to grave social  engineering effort and agenda and then  they would then ram it down out throats. Tied into all this was to open the state up to immigration of all kinds. Massachusetts can proudly boast of being on the vanguard of the illegal immigration movement. Its rumored that in many South American airports there are directions to Massachusetts in general and Lawrence and Lowell Massachusetts in particular.

OK, so now we have a tax and spend governor in place, a huge influx of immigrants, a huge new population of college educated liberals from all over the country coming here to work in the high tech industry. Taxes keep going up, good and services are becoming more expensive, businesses are feeling the pressure so something had to give.

But sitting there just 50 miles away was a beautiful state with  no income tax, no sales tax, plenty of land that was willing to create a industry friendly environment. That state was New Hampshire. So slowly but surely businesses large and small began to move to New Hampshire and they took many of their employees with them. Remember, live and work in New Hampshire and you pay no income tax. As industry in New Hampshire grew so did the population of people working in it. most of those workers came from Massachusetts.

The problem was that by this time most of the workers heading to New Hampshire had been corrupted by free stuff via the Dukakis social engineering program and worst of all they brought themselves. So, these Massholes having moved to New Hampshire to escape the confiscatory taxes of Massachusetts set out to vote in the same types of liberals that they knew back home.  Guess what happened? With them came the same BS that happened back in Massachusetts.  These Massholes voted like they did back in Massachusetts and voted in all the same BS that they had back home. Guess what? Taxes in NH went up, the BS crept in and now we have a smaller version of Massachusetts just north of here having displaced a once really great state.

I’m sure that I have left out some very important points but you can get the jest of it from all of this