Limbaugh See, Limbaugh do.

I started tuning into the Rush Limbaugh show back in the early 90’s. It was a breath of fresh air. Wow! I finally had a place to go to hear real conservative ideas talked about and debated. Moreover; Rush could covey those ideas and core values while being exceedingly entertaining. I had found a home and the voice of the conservative movement

In those early days continuing up until fairly recently, Rush would talk glowingly about those true conservative before him. Rush spoke of William F Buckley and his Dad and how they were able to show time and time again that if true conservatism is practiced at every level of government then all Americans would happier and enjoy fuller lives. Limbaugh was a true champion of all conservatives in the Republican Party.

It was conservatives like Rush and others who convinced me that true conservatism was not a political party but a conviction based on solid American core values. Our Founding Fathers put forth these core values in the constitution. I realized that being true to my conservative conviction was hard work that it meant that I could never compromise my values and that if I was a Christian Conservative as I am, that this job would be even harder.

Conservatism is a conviction that holds that we are American’s and that we are humble in our greatness. We believe in our founding and the Bill of Rights. We are a function of our founding and though we may not have been perfect along the way we still hold true to God and Country.

Limbaugh used to say that true conservatism wins elections and when we try to otherwise the result will always be the same, we lose. Reagan was a true conservative and we won huge victories. McCain and Romney were not conservatives and we lost in humiliating defeat. Those who try to run, as something other than a conservative will in time be exposed.

Limbaugh and other so-called conservative standard-bearers of the airwaves like Laura Ingram and Levin have long railed against those conservatives who cannot be trusted with our support. A caller once asked Rush back in 2012, why isn’t Romney going into the south and wooing support from the faith based electorate? His answer, “Ya have to be a conservative to do that”! Rush then pointed out “Romney Care” up here in Massachusetts. How often has Rush called into question the intensions of the “Ruling Class” and the establishment such as Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell? How often have we heard these so-called conservatives that I mention blast the elites in the media and in Washington. One wrong move by a otherwise solid conservative and they would be met with fire and brimstone!

So what is it that Trump has done that he should be trusted with so much support and admiration from the likes of Ingram, Limbaugh and Levin. While Rubio or Cruz can’t be trusted? Does a golf partner suddenly “Trump” conservatism? Even as Oprah Winfrey proved that race “Trumps” gender in her endorsement of Obama over Hillary in 08, Limbaugh is proving that the super elite Trumps conservatism for him. Would Laura Ingram rather be invited to Trump Towers sporting a nice dress rather than seeing a conservative in the white house? Is that where she draws the line between conviction and self? I don’t know?

I guess that I shouldn’t have felt so guilty when I held my nose and stuffed my conscience  in my back pocket and wet to the polls and pulled the lever for a John McCain or a Mitt Romney or a Scott Brown. Look what the conservative elites are doing! All in lock step behind a very rich, very liberal, very unreliable bigmouth who golfed with Rush named Donald Trump. The very man who supports nearly all the same things as Hillary Clinton does. To Ingram, Rubio is a “gang of 8” establishment type while Trump is to be heralded as the next coming of Reagan as she gushes over herself with the mere mention of him name.

We are in a crazy time. We cannot trust the Limbaugh’s, Levin’s and Ingram’s of the world to hold the line because when it really counted they bail on us too.