Obama plans more executive action on work permits

In an economy that can’t even create enough  jobs to keep up with the current graduates, Obama plans on usurping current quotas and welcoming  in thousands more foreign graduates to work.  Right now we are creeping along at less than  2% growth, we have a third of the population not working or under employed, we have a real unemployment rate of up 10% and this idiot wants to burden us even more.  All these new foreign working will be directly competing with yours and my sons and daughters. Moreover, given the sweet deal with this, these workers can work for less and be hired easier. How can anyone see this as a good thing!

We all know that the end game here is to displace native born Americans, mainly white America because we tend to be more conservative and traditional. Obama is not a traditional American and cares little about the founding or any of the ideals that you and I would share.  He knows as does the whole nest of Democrats that left to our own devices, most Americans, as we get older and smarter see the fallacy in a cradle to grave nanny state. Without a nanny state the democrat party would die a slow death. Obama takes this one step further in that he sees the founding of this country and traditional America as evil. Just watch that fairy Josh Ernest up at the daily oppress conference fighting to hold back that  [email protected]#t eating grin across his face as he’s’ shoving this BS down Americas throat.