Storm Update From Plymouth Massachusetts

As of right now 4:56 PM EST, we are experiencing heavy wet snow mixed with sleet and rain, approximately 2 inches. Winds are from the east off the ocean at about 15 to 20 mph. Temperature in sitting at 33 degrees F There was no mention of the rain/ snow line moving this far north in any of the local forecasts. This means that the storms center is either taking a more northerly track or stalled south of here. We’ll see. We native Yankee’s down here south of Boston know all too well that these Nor’easters  have a way of their own.

Meanwhile; our Governor, the loon from Chicagoland is “held up” far inland underground in the emergency bunker,  sporting his FEMA jacket. He’s  jumping in front of the camera every chance he gets to tell us all to stay away from downed power lines and don’t go swimming in the ocean. He has reminded us that if there is lots of snow on the roads that they could become hazardous. Also, if the power goes out, use a flashlight and avoid candles as they could fall over a cause a fire. Moreover; if a limb, branch or whole tree comes down and blows out the picture window in your living room, wait until the storm passes before you get out there with your chainsaw to get rid of it as that might be dangerous. All helpful stuff. Dam! what would I do without him.

I’ll keep ya posted.