Deval Patrick for President 2016!!!

Well folks, before you laugh his name is being tossed around by the secular progressive left up here in Massachusetts as well as other bastions of secular progressivism as an encore to Barrack Hussein Obama! Moreover, he and Obama are cut from the very same piece of cloth, know each other very well, speak the same language and embrace the destruction of the Constitutions as we know it.

Patrick was the author of the famed “Yes we can” chant that Obama adopted in 2008. Patrick’s name has surfaced on numerous occasions as being in line for a cabinet position in the Obama administration. Just recently Patrick granted children of illegal immigrants in state tuition dovetailing off of the executive order that Obama handed down last summer where by children of illegal’s shall not be deported. Patrick sighted that order in his executive order.

Best yet, Deval Patrick, once he got going would make Barrack Obama look and sound like William F. Buckley! This guy is a “Moon Bats Moon Bat”. The left loves him, the papers fawn over him, conservatives loath him and the day that he throws his hat into the ring, he has a better than 50% chance of being the next President.

Would Patrick not start out by being the prohibitive favorite in all the blue states that Obama won? Wouldn’t the upper Midwest go for Patrick i.e. Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa without much of a fight? If Obama could win Colorado and Nevada in this economy, would not Patrick do the same four years from now? How about Florida and Virginia? Won’t they have even more government dependants and minorities by 2016?  Who needs Ohio?

Barrack Obama proved beyond any doubt, if nothing else, that its not the reality of the state of the Union, the reality of the economy, our influence in the world or lack there of but what the uninformed voter’s perception of the aforementioned is. So Patrick could and will deliver the same type of message that Obama did and all indications are it could very well work again.

Just look around. The United States of America is wallowing the worst recovery ever helped in large part by the Obama’s administrations policies. We have subjugated our foreign policy to the UN. We have no energy policy. The family as the bedrock of society is eroding further yet. Jobs are very few and getting worse as more of our manufacturing goes over seas, with no end in sight. Nothing is working and everything is either stalled, going backwards or barely creeping along. Yet in spite of all this, if one looks at Obama’s job performance, it will be at better than 50%. If we are to believe the print media a vast plurality of Americans think he’s just great.

You tell me? What out there could change all of this if all this didn’t matter in 2012. Why wouldn’t a Candidate Patrick be the odds on favorite to win in 2016? Are you frightened yet?