OK, So We Know How The Election Was Lost

Based on the sober reality of the hard numbers is it not correct in saying that:

a) Our Base failed to turn out due to a gap in enthusiasm and the Campaign itself

b) Romney was a less than attractive alternative to Obama

c) The MSN and Print media was in the tank hard for their leftist candidate – Obama

All the nuances and particular bits of data can fall into one of the above categories. The results show me that nether candidate was fully embraced by either base given the low turn out. Had we simply harnessed the white vote that showed up for McCain we would be saying President Elect Romney today. It was not that we needed to attract more of this group or that group but we needed to get out the base. Can it be said that a soiled conservative candidate would have gotten all the voters that Romney got plus the Base? This was not a blow out, mandate election or a repudiation of conservatism. To put it bluntly, it was a sucky election between two sucky candidates. Period!

It’s a vicious up hill fight  here in Massachusetts just getting a reasonable leftist elected to a local office let a lone sending one to Washington; I use Elizabeth Warren as case in point. I busted hump for Scott Brown and look what happened, Scott is a moderate and that’s being generous.  I’m hardened by loosing but I never give up. I thought Mitt had a “fighter” chance. Even so, he would have driven you conservatives mad once he got going with his consensus approach and willingness to deal. That being said he  I a solid American and would have been far better in the west wing than Comrade Obama.

So what’s next for people like me who have nothing to look forward to locally and what should I be doing to help push forth conservative ideas and ideals. Do we have anything to look forward to nationally? Does anyone see any good solid conservatives in either houses of congress that might take the torch and run? I really like Marco Rubio. What say you!