Obamanomics Has Begun

I work for a small Life Science company in Massachusetts. We are located in  an industrial park with lots of other small companies. My company employs about 47 souls. We have a decent product and a good revenue stream. We need to expand and add about 10 more employees in areas of production, engineering and chemistry. The Owner has been waiting the results of this election ever since mid 2010 to do anything really big I’m told. Fear of Obama, Obama care and other Massachusetts confiscatory tax policys coupled with regulations from the EPA have thus far frightened him off. Well today I learned that the owner has stopped looking for a place to move to and all temps will stay temp for now with no plans to hire any new full time emplyee’s. He won’t go over the 50 employee mark. Moreover we are now exploring moveing our small assembly group over seas or down south. He has not been running about shouting these plans nor did he try to sway anyone one of us leading up to the election. This all came out while I was speaking with one of our Senior Scientists. The owner is a bright man who invented and developed this product with his own money.  He would love to expand in engineering, production and research but not for now. I wonder how many other small outfits are doing  a similar thing.

Question? New Hampshire is ripe with small life science and medical device companies. Yet the counties that these outfits are located in went for Obama. They must know that Obama care whacks their products with an added 2.5% tax at least. Why would anyone vote for that? Moreover; one thing that seems to be coming out in exit polling is that a majority of the people polled disliked Obama care and felt that the country was heading in the wrong direction yet still voted for Obama? Will someone please comment on how this could be?