Mitt Romney Calls into the Michael Graham show

Governor Romney called into 96.9 WTTK Boston this afternoon around 6:00 PM  or so and spoke with Michael Graham for a spell. I missed the first part of the call but from what I did hear, Mitt sounded genuinely very confident, very upbeat  and refreshing. Given what has been spewing out  of Obama’s pie hole lately, it was nice to listen to a real gentleman. Mitt sounded like a man on the verge of winning. Believe me, I have lived in Massachusetts all my life and I have always followed and supported Mitt Romney – you can tell when he feels that he’s onto something big. Mitt is never going to show his hand and don’t expect him to ever get even the least bit nasty like Obama. In fact I don’t know if he has ever said anything more than “darn” or “gosh”, that’s just him. I have worked for an outfit up here in Massachusetts that Bain helped get going while Mitt was there, they had that place firing on all cylinders and now its a 1.2 billion dollar outfit. This guy knows how to identify the right person for the right job and he knows hoe to get things done. We can all expect that from him when he’s President.