Rasmussen Has caught up with Gallup

Today’s Rasumssen three day tracking poll now shows Romney over Obama 50% to 46%. This is huge in my mind in that  all the credible polls are beginning to merge and show the same trend towards Mitt. Moreover Mitt has now passed that 50% threshold.

Being a Native New Englander (South Shore of Massachusetts) its not often that I get a chance to vote for and support a great man like Mitt, more than once.  He ran a great campaign against an embedded political hack in  Shanan O’Brian for Governor back in the 2000 and won. Now he’s taken that same approach against an equally embedded life time hack in Obama. Mitt has always run a very deliberate, very focused , slow creep type of campaign that builds like a slow boil to what I see as  another great  victory. Mitt might not be a conservative’s conservative but the man knows how to get things done. He was a great Governor and I will wager that he will be a great President.