Non Profit???

Bunkered down here in my OP just outside the death tax ray of the Death Star called Manhattan…

I read this morning in the NY Post that the head of a local Non Profit AIDS charity (Long Island Association for AIDS Care or LIAAC) was complaining about a loss of public funding when she rakes in over $360,000 a year.

You probably think that she’s a powerhouse fundraiser…

Guess again…
From the Post article: “In 2009, the group, which Barouh helped found 25 years ago, got $4.9 million in grants from various government agencies while raising a paltry $154,152 from private contributions.”

Additionally: “LIACC spends 66% of its grant money on salaries”

It gets better: “Most of its (LIAAC’s) charitable work involves running an AIDS hot line, which refers callers to other groups that provide medical and counseling services”.

They don’t even do that much work for the almost $5 million in taxpayer funds they receive a year.
The Nassau County Supervisor (Edward Manago, Republican, elected in 2008) has his hands full trying to cut back county spending.  Nassau and Suffolk counties are trying to trim out-of-control spending that is driving the counties bankrupt despite some of the highest taxes in the nation. Manago is trying to introduce legislation that will require county funded Non Profits to spend at least 65% of their grant money on services.
I frequently hear “everyone wants tax cuts, but no one wants to cut services”.  This is a perfect example of out-of-control greed.  Feeding at the taxpayers funded trough.