DADT: a recruiter's perspective

I was a military recruiter for 5 years.  Repealing DADT is the beginning not the end of a misguided (my opinion) effort for equality.

Each service is slightly different, but currently the system works something like this.

Each area of the country has detailed demographics containing the eligible (age, education, etc) population group of recruits for that region.  Each service determines its market share.  The market share is sub divided into Upper Mental Group goals (as defined by the ASVAB test) for the following:

Female Upper Mental Group

Black Upper Mental Group

Hispanic Upper Mental Group

Asian / Pacific Islander Upper Mental Group

Each month you are graded on achieving your overall recruiting goal as well as the minority subgoals.  A shortfall in this approach is that it has an underlying assumption of an equal propensity to enlist for the different minority groups.  In reality, propensity to enlist varies among different regions and ethnic groups.


Back to DADT

It will only be a matter of time before the recruiters have a homosexual recruiting goal based on their local demographics.  This will be how Congress will ensure that recruiters are “being fair and equal” in their recruiting efforts. I doubt homosexuals have the same propensity to enlist in the military as heterosexuals but I doubt that will be factored in.  I predict there will be a concerted effort, directed from Congress, to actively recruit homosexuals through media and outreach.  Instead of recruiting to fit a standard, we will be defining the standard by recruiting goals.

Also, in a few years, don’t be surprised to see controls on promotion boards.

Repealing DADT is a beginning of a crusade.  Too bad our politicians either were too blind to see it or too gutless to oppose it.