The CIA is being set up like a bowling pin.

It’s no secret that the democrats have never liked those “rough men who stand ready to do violence” on our behalf.  So it logically follows that the White House terrorism advisor, John Brennan’s old company (the analysis corp) gets the task of investigating the recent administration failure.  Of interest, his company also manages some of the NCTC data bases – so guess where the blame will NOT fall.

The NCTC has some good folks, but they, along with DHS, were chartered with connecting the dots, they both failed.

Here’s my New Years prediction:  Obama chooses the CIA to take the fall, and NCTC along with DHS will get a pass.

Another prediction:  Eventually it will be shown that the CIA passed the info to NCTC and DHS but it will be too late to avoid the hit.

Just my two cents, based on preliminary data.