A Water dog from Ted...

So Ted Kennedy presents the Obama family with a Portuguese WATER dog..
Is this a headline in the Onion? or perhaps the Weekly World News?
Nope, its the truth.
Now, I wouldn’t be accepting anything that was remotely connected to bridges, water, automobiles or drunk driving from Ted, but that’s just me.

Barak, not that I’m on your side, but here’s some honest and free advice that apparently you’re not getting from your personal staff
“Stay away from the Kennedy family”.
No Water Dogs from Ted for your daughters, don’t try appointing princess Caroline to ambassadorships where character and values matter. ect ect.

Unless, of course, you’d enjoy living like a modern day Macbeth.
I’d rather defeat you on the battle field of ideas and values, so this is my one (free) caution to you and your family to prevent getting gutted with a knife in the back by a ‘friend’.