Just Say 'No'

Maybe you recall back during the Reagan years, if memory serves, when the fight against drugs and other issues carried the slogan, “Just Say No!”  Is there some reason we can’t do that again?  America is angry with all the junk Obama and his far-left cronies are doing to our nation….just say ‘no’.  They want to impose more taxes…say no. They want to cave into our enemies and beat up our countrymen….say NO! Obama wants total control of this nation. Say a very loud “NO.”   It’s great to protest, print signs, march in the streets, call into radio shows, and all that. Keep it up and do it a lot more….but also call, write, email, text, twitter your federal “representation” and say “NO” by reminding them they are not our rulers….they are our employees. We’re the boss…not them…and if they want to keep their jobs (most should be fired)…then they must – did you get that? MUST – promote the will of the people.  The people ain’t happy.  Say no with a campaign to “Re-elect No One.”  Get all fresh people in there…ones who really understand what this nation is all about.  Say “NO” to the snakes, flakes, and re-takes who are in office. Say “NO” to the so-called csars who play politics with unbridled power.  Get involved in every vote, every issue, hold your senator and representative’s feet to the fire and remind them daily, if needs be, that they are employees….and the boss ain’t happy.  Nothing gets a man’s (or woman’s) attention like the imminent threat of losing his/her income.  Which is another issue….since when did being a senator or representative become a “career”?   Whatever happened to the “citizen” legislator?  When they do all this nonsense they’re doing…say “no”.  Every way you can and say it often.  On those rare occassions when your representation gets it right, praise them, encourage them.  Just make sure they know who the real boss is.