Multiplying Your GOTV Efforts

Just the other day a friend was relating an anecdote to me about a barn raising that he had witnessed.  As he was driving in to work one morning, he had noticed a house with “at least a 150 horses and buggies around”; So he stopped and watched for awhile. They were in the process of raising a barn and in just the few minutes that he was there, they had all the beams up. He left, but by the time he came home that evening, they were putting on the finishing touches. That is the way the Amish do things- they all work together because each individual family is truly part and parcel of the community.  With the all important 2012 elections fast approaching, all of us need to do everything we can to get as many conservatives as possible into the political process.  Just as with the Amish- many hands make easy work- each of us need to come up with ways to multiply our efforts.  Cold Warrior’s current post is the catalyst that impels me to put into writing and share some ideas that I have been thinking about for awhile now.

What groups do you belong to? If you go to a consevative, Bible-believing  church, chances are your pastor is either Republican or leans Republican. Just as the American Revolution never would have happened if it weren’t for  the ministers of the church promoting it to their members so to must pastors today press upon the members the absolute importance of getting out to vote in November. You could be the one to light the fire under your pastor.

1) Persuade them that they need to encourage their flock with the importance of this election on a regular (monthly?) basis.

2) Work with them in setting up a group such as “Future Politician’s For Christ”(FPC)

3) This new group FPC could meet monthly to teach and train members to consider politics as a ministry :

a) Run for office-especially local

b) Run for Precinct Comittee

c) Volunteer for every aspect of political support

4) The local church could send representatives to a county group and so on up the ladder.

For far too long Christians have withheld  their Salt and Light from politics in a pervasive manner, that’s why things are looking so dark and stinky especially in Washington DC. This Future Politicians Group would be just as viable as a “Future Politician Eagle Scout” or “Future Farmer Politician” etc.

Maybe you are a more private person. One way that you could help without dealing with anyone except maybe a friend or two would be rooting out voter fraud.  Every fraudulent vote negates a valid vote so if you prevent some vote fraud it is just as good as bringing someone new to the polls; Actually better because the fraudulent voter is usually doing it multiple times so knocking out each one is as good as bringing in many new voters. So how do you do it?

1) Starting with your own precinct voter registration list, go through it to find the addresses with 4 or more registered voters. Then physically go and check the address to see if it is actually an apartment or rooming house and not a business  or a vacant lot.

2) Any that are obvious frauds put in a list and give a copy to  your Voter’s Board

3) If you are doing this with a friend in an adjoining district, compare your list of names to see if there are any matches. If so it may be the same person.

4) I suppose if you got really serious about this, you could check with the local committee to see if they want to have a sheriff’s deputy available  at the polling places to make  arrests, but I have no idea about the ramifications of that.

4) If you get more interested go to my first suggestion and work with your pastor to start a FPC group at your church.

These are just a couple of ideas that came to me about multiplying your efforts for getting out the vote this November. I’m sure all of you can come up with many more.