An open letter to a patriot lady

Dear Erin, I am writing this to you, but I think that the message I want to convey is more than to you.  I hope you will forgive me for doing this without permission, but I found that what you said in this final exchange really struck a chord.

A couple of exchanges you and I had are below:

Ohio Historian

Define “warmongering” if you please. I don’t believe that Iraq was “warmongering”, nor was Afghanistan. Was Libya “warmongering”? In short, you are using a pejorative term that I do not understand and is pretty useless in describing to me what is going on. Also, was our entering the war against Germany in WWII after we were bombed by Japan “warmongering”? Please carefully state your premise, etc. As far as socialism bankrupting us along with waste, we totally agree. I will never ask the government to do anything that private industry can do, because they can do it better and cheaper because waste is usually much larger than the profit made by private industry. Similarly, hiring bureaucrats to administer charitable benefits I find idiotic. These people are throwing buckets of money around and cannot know the needs of the recipient.

Go ask the warmonger neo-con W Bush what Warmongering is, he’s one of the biggest warmongers our country has seen. Hitler was also a warmonger. Obama bombing of Libya is warmongering. I sick of paying taxes so my government can go over to the middle east to kill people. Our country is $18 trillion in debt and all the media and corrupt politicians talk about is more warmongering in the middle east to fight this fake “war of terror” against ISIS. ISIS, a group our country continues to providing money, weapons and training. Just like how our country provided weapons to Saddam Husain in the 80’s. It’s time we stop with this warmongering behavior and focus on balancing our budgets and improving our nation.

My reply starts below.  I am trying to help you understand my point of view and am not questioning yours.  I think your last post, which seems to say “I just want the spending to stop” and to “improve our nation”.

Erin, your first sentence in your response is what is known as a tautology.  A=B because B=A.  Bush is a warmonger because a Bush is the definition of a warmonger.  But you provide no definition, which is that for which I asked.  As I continue to read, anytime someone goes to war is warmongering is your definition.  I am sure that you recognize that there may actually be some really bad actors in this world, and that someone needs to help the people who live under them?     To give you an example, we were attacked by Afghanistan and wound up fighting both them and Iraq, and we went after Iraq first.   You use Hitler as an example of a warmonger.  If you remember, the Japanese attacked us at Pearl Harbor, but we wound up going after the Germans and actually fighting them first.  So, by your definition, FDR was a warmonger.

Remember that Hussein had been fighting a war with Iran for a decade, had invaded Kuwait, and was oppressing his people based on religion.  The UN, which liberal kooks hold up to be our world “government”l, passed a number of resolutions (I think 17 in all) that Hussein needed to stop what he was doing.  They did not enforce them due to a corrupt France and Russia who were making money from subverting the Iraq sanctions.  So much for the integrity of the UN.

I mourn the loss of the men who died here, like I did in the conflict for which I was drafted/commissioned, which was Vietnam.  We lost lots of treasure and young men in both places.  If I had to judge, I would put Iraq as a better war than Vietnam.  I went in to ROTC to avoid being drafted under Johnson, was commissioned by Nixon, and was lucky enough to not have to go to that jungle paradise.  I think I know that war pretty well.  I have a number of friends and sons of friends who went off to fight in the “sandbox”.  Unfortunately, in neither case did we eave behind a structure that could fight the people like the ARVN and ISIS, so essentially Vietnam and Iraq were lost.  Sometimes, you have to continue to invest even if you cannot see the payoff.   However, being “tired of war” and the expense is a reason that some use to get out of one, or not enter it.  President Bush was not a great President.  He spent way too much money, but most of it was in this country, not on the war.  Look it up on usgovernmentspending.com.

I would like to enroll you in a different war that we are still fighting.  It has cost us about $22 Trillion so far, has no end goal nor decent tactics, and claims about 1 million lives per year.  That war is our war on poverty.  Since we started fighting it, we have not improved percentage of people in poverty, have taken our statistics of children born without two parents from about 1 in 10 to about 1 in 2, and are butchering 1 million young children a year.  This war is HERE, in this country, and needs to be fought with no quarter to those who would “spend more” like President 0bama.  We have proven we cannot win this war with the current tactics, but our political system gets money and votes from those who are the biggest losers in the war (the poor) so it continues unabated.

May I count on you to fight this war?  Please reply below if you wish to do so.

–OH (Ohio Historian)