For those of you that saw the Pixar film “Up”, you may remember that the way the dogs were distracted by  “SQUIRREL“. Well, I am getting that feeling on RedState right now. We have malfeasance in office related to ObamaCare, and an issue that should impeach this President if it is followed to its full conclusion. However, we are now running around caring that the NY Times equates opposition to ObamaCare with slavery, Mark Udall is a partisan high jumper, the lying jobs report, Batkid, the filibuster, etc.

Can’t we agree that we dogs are going to chase one squirrel, corner it, and then go after another one instead of running around the park chasing all of them squirrels and catching none? There are a lot more leftists in the media that can feed us squirrels than we can follow up on.  Also, the other ones get away when we let them.

Personally, I would go after the fact that ObamaCare code has privacy statements in it that are illegal, that the whole code is a “shiny object” to take away the fact that people are losing their medical coverage, and that the whole time the Democrats have played us for ignorant fools. Add other stuff when you can draw an arc from it to specific themes of ObamaCare, but let’s quit the “SQUIRREL” approach.

Like always, show me how I am wrong, and how we can pursue all of these things and get the American people, who are busy working and raising families (those that work) a detailed picture that they can understand: ObamaCare was a fraud perpetrated on the American people by the Congress of the US, and that all of those people should be made to pay by going to look for work.

Added after two comments:  I did not choose to debate the impeachability of the President.  In fact, if you read what I suggest, it is to go after him in a FOCUSED manner.  And I suggested to do that so that the voters can follow.

If you “SQUIRREL!” around, you are going to hand the 2014 midterms to the leftists because you are not showing voters anything but a truck full of manure.  Believe me, how the Dems won 2006 was by focusing on a couple issues, neither of which was all that important.  But focus, make the electorate understand them, and keep pointing out how the people doing them are low-lifes, and we have a shot at it.