Ohio, please help me understand

In what do Ohioans believe? I thought I knew, but am really confused after last night.

Ohioans dislike the Affordable Care Act. But they re-elected the Senator who gave it to us, Sherrod Brown. I thought that Ohioans liked to keep warm in winter. Yet they voted for a Senator who would not vote for legislation to reconsider/repeal the EPA standards for coal-based systems. A man with numerous other beliefs, like his belief in global warming and that whole suite of things. A man who has voted for President Obama’s deficits every chance he got.

While Brown got the Senate seat, we lost as Senator a young man who has demonstrated his love for Ohio and country, Josh Mandel, a Marine who has gone to foreign lands to fight for what we ask him.  A man who promised to fight to return our Senate to fiscal sanity.

Sorry, Ohio, I don’t understand your voting. Can someone who voted this way explain, please?