President Obama, I totally agree with you

On Sixty Minutes last Sunday (9/30/2012) you indicated that some of the campaign ads go too far.  President Obama also said that Mr. Romney won the debate because of the number and scope of his lies with which ABC News does not seem to agree.  I can agree with you on this Mr. Obama; there were lies told at the debate.  However, if I had to give Pinocchio awards for the campaign season, far more of them deal with your lies than those of Mr. Romney.

Cases in point:

  • You told us today that the jobs news is great.  We added the same number of jobs last month as we AVERAGED in 1962 (JFK was President, and the economy wasn’t doing well then.  With about 30% larger population, your numbers are horrible, and you look like a liar as you and your water-boys at the media try to make it look like the job market is doing great.  Even the Dow Jones is getting tired of the jobs lies and only went up 34 points yesterday on this “great news”.
  • In the attack on the consulate in Libya, your Ambassador to the UN (Susan Rice)  keeps telling us that this was due to some movie, the trailer for which is the only published source.  This is not even a credible lie.  This is a bald falsehood based on the date that it was done, the presence of RPGs and mortars (even protesting Libyans don’t carry these down the street).  You also tell us that they were trying to carry the Ambassador (YOUR PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE) to the hospital, but his body showed that he had been sodomized and the photos made him appear dead.  I know that Four Pinocchioes is the max, but this is worth at least five of them, maybe five for each of the two lies.
  • Yesterday, you told us that Social Security “needs a little tweaking”.  If you truly believe this, you don’t have a clue; if not, this is an unconscionable lie .  The Social Security Administration tells us that this is not true (adjustments in the range of 27% of benefits is required to make today’s dollars fit in the future), and that it is in serious trouble just like Medicare.  Yet you continue to take payroll tax dollars out of the funding for this program.  Worth Four Pinocchio’s in my opinion.
  • You told us Mitt Romney has a $5T tax cut planned for the wealthy.  Mr. Romney tells you he has no idea what you are saying.  Your source is a liberal group, the Tax Policy Center, a group you call non-partisan, but I cannot find a conservative position on its site. Mr. Romney’s source is Mr. Romney.   You could look at the Tax Policy Center site and let me know where they disagree with you which would make them “non-partisan”.  But they seem to support you up and down the line.  In fact, to claim a group with the Brookings Institution and the Urban Institute being the sponsors is “non-partisan” is worth at least a Pinocchio or two.

However, you MUST deal with the image of you as a bald-faced liar, Mr. President.  We elected you based upon your promise for hope and change and that having a black President would make us post-racial.  However, Candidate Obama is running right now as if you are the Affirmative Action Candidate, have never been President, have no record over the last four years, and, like for a Federal job or a University of Michigan admissions, you get a certain number of points (poll points or votes) for being the affirmative action candidate.  Our problem, Mr. President, is that you are rapidly losing “quality” points because you are a liar.  You willl not be able to be elected based on affirmative action points only.

My suggestion, Mr. Candidate Obama, is that you get yourself somebody credible out there, like Mr. Sharpton is doing, to cover for you that Mr. Romney is the big liar.  It may just be believed by your liberal supporters.  I have my doubts about your black supporters, however. I think they are too smart to swallow your Kool-aid.