You can shut off comments, Erick, but not commentary

I don’t understand it.  Erick writes a post about maybe needing a third party, and then cuts off comment.  As a conservative who has voted Republican for his whole adult life, I don’t like it.  There actually are numerous third parties.  There are the Libertarian, the Green, the Socialist, the Communist, etc etc etc.  None has risen to dominance, because all are fringe parties.  In fact, many of their members will cross over to vote for other parties.   We saw that sort of in reverse when Republicans went to vote for the People’s Party (or whatever it was called then) and Ross Perot because we disliked George HW Bush, another of the Dinosaurs.  The result was (can you say it without retching) William Jefferson Clinton.  By moving to a third party, a bunch of Republicans handed the election to the Democrats.

I do agree with Erick that the Republicans in DC have turned into a bunch of faithless jerks led by that liar John Boehner.  We need to replace them, if not this year, then in 2, 4, or whenever their term comes up.  But, if Erick thinks that he can walk away and not have the Democrats win big (as bad as it is now, remember 2009-2010?) he is either mistaken or despondent.  We MUST not be purists, but we must purify from within in a pragmatic manner to form a more conservative party.  That way, if a third party arises, it will at least be from the left, and not the right, diminishing the strength of the Democrats and giving Conservatives a voice.

We are working from within, but the gasps of the Republican dionsaurs dying is mistaken for more than it is.  The conservatives we have elected have not lost their way, but they are browbeat by the dinosaurs because they think they are alone.  We need to continue to support them, make them understand that we will support them, and that we think it is GOOD that John Boehner has to get Democrats to join with him to pass terrible legislation.  This cannot sit well with his voters in SW Ohio, and they will eventually replace him.  Until then, we need to put young Conservatives into the House, and the Senate, so we have conservatism and youth to outlive the dinosaurs.  Erick, I am not young, but I am conservative, and I will support you young guys as you try to clean out the stables.  As bad as this clean-out is, it makes the Democrat clean-out look like the Augean stables in comparison.

We instead need to starve the beast.  We need to cut off funding for Dinosaur campaigns, and make sure that our conservatives are well-funded.  We will only do that by getting good candidates (not fringe people, but conservative ones) to run, get control of our state parties, and starve the beast feeding the dinosaurs.  But turning your back is stupid, childish, churlish, and several other names that I could add that would only make you think I am calling you names, not your behavior.

So, Erick, like it or not, I just commented on http://www.redstate.com/erick/2012/07/07/maybe-we-really-do-need-a-third-party/.  I know I just told the owner that he has no clothes.  You are welcome to shut me off if you wish.  Then you will look just like the nebbish at Little Green Footballs who did the same thing, not to mention Boehner, Cantor, McConnell, and the rest of the Dinosaurs.