"I like to fire people"

I, too, like to fire people.  I really liked firing Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.  Unfortunately, it looks like the new COO of the House (Boehner) and his management team may also need to be fired.  I will look to do that in 2012. Further, I think that Harry Reid should be fired as Senate Majority Leader.  To do this, I again intend to vote for Josh Mandel for Senate in Ohio.  I recommend that other Ohioans do this also.  Sherrod Brown’s stance on the stimulus, healthcare, and Anthropogenic Global Warming are three stands that are likely to continue to hurt Ohioans. Finally, I intend to fire Barack Hussein Obama, even if the only choice is Romney.  Even if the party were to nominate Paul, Gingrich, Perry, or any number of Repubicans I would hold my nose and vote for this person over Barack Obama.  Reasons for this firing include:

  • The Obamanation called Obamacare
  • The second Obamanation called Dodd-Frank
  • The third Obamanation called “stimulus” and its giveaway to states and to union groups
  • Increases in Medicare under Obamacare amounting to 250% after the 2012 elections (should have been smaller and started while he was in office) contained in Obamacare
  • Eric Holder and his Operation Fast and Furious lies
  • Stephen Chu and his bad investments in Green Energy
  • Lisa Jackson and her leftist over-regulation in the EPA
  • Van Jones and his nomination to ANYTHING in this Administration
  • Richard Cordray, the life-long Ohio politician, and his non-Constitutional “recess appointment”
  • Recess appointment of two NLRB nominees who were not even on his web page of nominations they were so recent
  • Sonya Sotomajor
  • Elena Kagan

I think that we should “retire” him to write another autobiography which I can also fail to buy. With these firings, I hope to effect a turn-around in the nation’s economic and personal freedoms.