How to Stop Health Care Reform Now

The important question: How do we mobilize enough people and make a significant enough statement so that we can be heard?  The answer follows:


A shocking failure has plagued this country during the health care debate and frankly during much of the Obama administration.  Objective journalism has been absent.  The House and Senate passed approximately 2000 page versions of Health Care Reform which should normally take months to digest and dissect.  The print media is probably the best medium (maybe only) to do the in-depth analysis and reporting necessary to cover an issue this important to our nation.  Where is the coverage?  Objective journalism has been dying a slow death, replaced with editorial and agenda based journalism, for the last decade.  Unfortunately, the death of objective journalism jeopardizes our freedom and democracy.


Back to the first question.  It is time to steal a play from the activist playbook.  THE BOYCOTT.  Boycott all print media for a period of two weeks starting January 11, 2010. This is in response to the lack of coverage leading up to and following the passage by the Senate of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on Christmas Eve.  The boycott brings accountability to the establishment which has failed us most.  Had objective journalism exposed the contents of these bills, at least the debate could have been informed.  This action sends a message to the print media to begin delivering objective news again.  The impact would be measurable, so it informs the Majority of the extent of the discontent.  It would be widespread and possibly devastating if sustained. If the House passes a reconciled bill, boycott the print media again for two weeks.  If the Senate passes a reconciled bill, boycott the print media for another two weeks.  If Obama signs the bill, then I personally may never buy a newspaper again.  If we don’t buy, maybe they will listen.