Is This True?

I had heard from a source that income taxes are going to be killer this year, with most people getting less or even owing money on their taxes this year (I’ll explain in a moment).  Normally I look forward to tax season as I generally get a nice fat check back from the government which I generally use to purchase a firearm.  Background on me: single with no house and I withold about $50 extra every pay period for taxes.

Anyhow I do my taxes on Turbo Tax and it says I owe $667 on taxes.  Damn.  Just . . . damn.  I was laid off for two months and found work at a (believe it or not) higher salary.  But still, holy cow.

The political slant here is that I’m told Obama’s craptastic stimulus that ‘gave’ you $20-$40 more per paycheck wasn’t actually a tax break, it was a manipulation of your withholding that would come back to bite you right about, say, now.  Anyway, I was wondering if any of you were having this problem?  None of my friends or family have filed yet.  I’ve never owed on my taxes before.