Obama as a Product of a Failed Education System

Howdy, folks!  This is my first diary here on RedState, I hope you like it.

Moe Lane this morning posted a belief that Obama is getting bored as shown through his record in office and through his statements.  I agree that this might be the case, but I wish to offer up another possible explanation.  I think that the malignantly awful public school system here in the United States is responsible for the thin-skinned man-child that we have in the White House.

As a 24 year old man, I think it’s safe to say that the quality of schooling before I was born was in a steady decline.  Since I was born, the pace seems to have accelerated.  Schools no longer have the capacity to tell children and teenagers that they are failures.  Indeed, some schools, I’ve heard, don’t even give out F’s anymore.  And that’s a big part of the problem.  School’s are one of the only places, if not the only place, where people can learn the lessons that come with failure.  Failure teaches you how to endure and remain steadfast; it teaches you persistence, endurance, and patience.  Instead of doing this, schools only kick children further down the line, hoping that some system or some talented (read: real) educator can really challenge us to the point that we learn something about this thing called failure.  I fear that many of my generation, if not myself, are incapable with dealing with failure.  This will inevitably lead to some hard lessons learned once we hit the real world (I already have and the impact was awful).

Obama seems to be a product of this terrible educational method.  How would you imagine an adult would react to failure when he has have never tasted failure before?  He would play the blame game.  He would point to his situation and remark upon how unfair it is.  He would direct attention to the forces of opposition and call them ignorant obstructionists.  He would sweep away embarrassing facts and figures that don’t support his platform.  He would lie.  All the while, he would never indicate his own culpability for failure.  To do so, he might have to rethink his own positions, compromise, come at them from different angles.  He’d have to maybe even look at things from other perspectives and apply critical thinking to his ideas and approaches.  This describes who Obama is.  It was painfully put on display in his SOTU speech.  Before the nation was an 8 year old all grown up who was frustrated, thin skinned, paranoid, and divisive.  It was on display when he taunted the Justices of our highest court and when he ribbed Republicans for opposition while calling for bipartisanship.

His ‘metoric’ rise, as Mr. Lane correctly calls it, is also the product of failed education policies.  Schools teach that anyone can achieve anything.  To not do so would lead to hurt feelings.  Holding someone back or telling them that it’s impossible is a big liberal no-no.  So Obama gets elected to state senator.  Vote present?  Gold Star!  Obama gets elected to the US Senate.  Campaign for higher office and hardly vote?  Good Job!  Elected POTUS and things aren’t going your way?  Oh, well . . . it’s not your fault.

I fear that as time progresses, inevitably, more people from my generation will be elected to office.  Obama is the first representative of my generation to get arrive.  I pray we can survive when more of my counterparts get there.