Buyer's remorse, part X

AmSpec has a link to a disgruntled Obama RepubliCAN:

Fred Tausch of Nashua is a frustrated, well-to-do businessman who got tired of watching politicians of both parties spending taxpayers’ money. And so, spending $100,000 of his own money, he’s trying to do something about it.

In full-page ads today in this newspaper and others, in radio advertisements and on a new Web site, the 37-year-old entrepreneur and investment manager emerges onto the political scene to provide an avenue for others upset about the size of the stimulus package and likely more spending measures on the horizon. Tausch is a registered independent who, after voting Republican for most of his life, supported Barack Obama in the last election, even contributing $2,300 to the cause. Tausch said he “got excited about his message. There was not a lot of fiscal discipline in either party, and I thought that when Obama talked about change, he was including that he would be more cautious about how we spend money. And that’s just not the case.”

A hundred thousand dollars bought him advertising, and a heavily-linked site and blog (which I won’t link to here on Red State). It also got him publicity, and maybe a nice way to shore up business in a struggling economy. People in sales and management know the mantra: you gotta spend money to make money.

What a hundred thousand dollars won’t buy him, though, is getting his vote back. It won’t buy anyone any step to taking a Constitutionally non-existent vote of No Confidence (as an aside, I thank G-d for that everyday else Bush would have been kicked out prematurely). All that money and more won’t unseat the man now that he’s been sworn in. A hundred thousand dollars spent in advertising and publicity won’t get him a space in the Court of Queen Nancy Pelosi Of The House Of Representatives.

What his hundred thousand dollars bought him was the public admission that he’s been had by the most transparently con-y con men of recent history. What his money bought him is the willful and all-too-public admission that he’s a schmuck and nothing more. We who never gave Barack Hussein Obama the benefit of the doubt did our part and then some in trying to keep him out of office. It didn’t cost me any money, just my time.

I don’t care what Mr. Fred Tausch might believe now. He just admitted, with the help of a hundred thousand dollars, that he’s been fooled just like so many of them. Would you really want to invest your money in this dirty schmuck’s company?