Lies, damned lies and Chicago politics

The past weeks since the new president flubbed his way into office have been a rip-roaring carnival of mistake after mistake, as the mask slips in bits and pieces. We on the Right know that all of these things that we see so clearly would have been reported with vicious aplomb by a media that we know is liberal in its bias simply because of the leeway with which they give their ideological compatriots.

The funny part is when we start seeing Leftists defend The Obama’s duplicity. After months of droning on and on and on about his desired transparency, and his goals for what he wants in government, all we could see now is the hypocrite that we’ve always known him to be. The duplicity itself is to be expected. The man is a distillation of Chicago machine politics. The intellectual dishonesty from the Left, though, as they continue to twist and turn and bend in every possible direction to defend their Messiah, is surprisingly funny.

Everytime I see a Leftist blogger try to defend The Obama’s lies, I sit back, steeped in schadenfreude at their loss of integrity. They accused us for years of cheerleading Bush’s politics, of supportng him through the limits of intellectual thick and thin. It turns out that they’re not just equally capable of the very same acts that they accused us of doing, but that they have actually exceeded our capacity for doing so.

That would be the day, when we see them hold him accountable.