The guerilla Congress

I’ve never held public office but I have always been civically active, even before I moved to the USA. As Bill Quick wrote [UPDATE: The post I linked to is by martinra, a Daily Pundit contributor. Apparently I am not aware of ALL the internet traditions regarding group blogs especially when bylines are at the end of an article. Yes, I have read Daily Pundit for years, and I am an idiot for not paying enough attn to his author lines. My bad.]

Free of George W. Bush. Free of John McCain. Free of the sickening smell of their shit sandwiches. Free of their taste. Free of the nausea. We’re free of the weight of their lies, their incompetence, their failures. We’re free of the betrayers, the “bipartisanship” and “compassionate conservatism” and “maverickiness” that always wound up with more taxes and regulations piled on our shoulders and more betrayals jammed between our ribs.[…]It’s all over now. The divorce paperwork is filed, and in two months, it is final. We are free from George W Bush, the fumble-tongued failure. We thought only that our principles were too much for his clumsy lips, when in fact they were never in his heart. We are free from John McCain, the betrayer of the First Amendment, the betrayer of all the citizens and legal immigrants who only want to live in a nation of laws!

I don’t quite share Quick’s enthusiastic malignance towards GWB; if anything I would be the last person to malign Bush, faults and achievements alike (something I will revisit).


There is a reason I would love being in Congress. Running every two years makes for a very scrappy bunch. I think it’s time we sharpen our teeth. If I were a sitting member of Congress today I would run on a no-earmarks policy, and on a one-subject-one-law policy. I would vote NO on any Democrat bill that comes my way that I consider bad. I would use Boehner’s yellow chickensh_t button to vote PRESENT on any Democrat bill that I consider marginally good. When I propose legislation I will demand my party members vote for it, as I will vote for theirs.

We, as Republicans, must never afford Pelosi’s Congress any measure of Cover whatsover. These vipers will request Cover for bitter-pill bills, and when it’s time to run again in two years they won’t give you credit for it anyway. They would use the NO votes that we cast against us. So, let them have their effin’ way, because now, they have no way whatsoever to call us “obstructionist.”

Who cares if we don’t share the credit for their bllsht bills anyway? Who cares if we don’t share the credit for even brilliant bills? Pelosi’s Congress won’t give it to us anyway. But when we introduce beneficial legislation from a Conservative perspective, when we communicate it to our constituents in means that the Demoncrats will find difficult to characterize, and they vote it down? We can point at them that they are the true obstructinists.

In 2010, we can square it all on Pelosi and Reid and BHO, this unholy political trinity, and retake the House.

Well, you guys can. I can’t, but I’ll be a citizen in six years (and am I looking forward to that). But, you get the point: Party First.