First post on RS

No offense to Ruffini, et.al. but I don’t think my opinions there would matter much. Too RNC-insider-ish. That and I’ve been lurking here for four years, and boy do I miss Tac, a lot.

So. McCain lost the election, yes? It’s a bummer, and reading the folks all over the place is an even bigger bummer. Finger-pointing has already come up to a shrill level, but the truth is, the only post-mortem that speaks to me is Dan’s.

Build the base, yes? Jindal was on FNC tonight talking about how the GOP has left conservative values behind. We all know we have to hit the ground running, we have to find good and willing candidates who can oust incumbent Democrats in 2010, and that basically, there’s plenty of work to be done.

I want to share a persona Postulate of Cyclical Politics which almost always helps me keep a level head and peace of mind on knowing that there is no such thing as a permanent majority: The root of Conservative demise is hypocrisy. The root of Liberal demise is excess.