Harry's Hopin' We're Sleepin'

Watching  a defeated Harry Reid at the senate podium admonishing those “no” republicans gave me quite a smile. It warms me that our citizens have set the world of politics on fire especially sinking this “oinking” Omnibus Spending Bill. Couple this with both Federal Court decisions temporarily poking holes in the Healthcare Law I’d say we’ve had a pretty good week. However, these are temporary victories. Significant, but still temporary. Liberals never sleep.  A classic case will be this weekend. Both the Dream Act which is a nightmare and the START Treaty which needs to be stopped will be brought into the Senate Chamber for a vote. Obviously Harry, once again, is trying to slip them through the back door on a weekend while he thinks we’re not noticing. Well, I’m noticing. I don’t know whether they’ll be monitoring both their email and/or phones but I’ve already started the barrage especially to those supposed republicans on our side.  May not do a darn bit of good but the conservative pendulum is swinging back in my direction so it can’t hurt. January can’t come fast enough.