The Time is Right... Again.

I guess it’s fair to say this Tuesday’s elections will be, although the saying has been overused and sounds trite, a “defining moment” in our history. Alexander Tweed spokesman from South Carolina, during the debates at the constitutional convention, lamented on Tuesday May 20th 1778 “Sir, admit but this, and then allow me to ask if history furnishes us with a single instance of any nation, state, or people, who had it more in their power than we at present have to frame for ourselves a perfect, permanent, free, and happy constitution.”. Now, as then, we face the precipice again and this is the moment to take action.

The Founders knew how vital it was to create a constitution. After the revolutionary war, our nation was fragile. They knew without a constitution to bind us we may have ceased to exist. We face another “Revolutionary War” and once again our nation is fragile with the attack on our founding document.

My father didn’t live through the Depression and fight in WWll, as some of your grandparents did, to watch his grandchildren have it WORSE than he did. Quite frankly, I will not allow the same to happen to my grandchildren. I’m not going to saddle them with the debt this current administration and congress has accumulated and will, if we let them, continue trundling down the railroad debt tracks to bankruptcy. The first step, along with many of my friends and I’m assuming yours also, is flooding the voting booths with our dissatisfaction. I’m not sitting by watching our own republican elite offer an “Olive Branch” to Obama. He doesn’t deserve it. He’s continued to avoid listening to the citizens of this country and has no intention to do so. He’s an ideologue that does not possess the capacity or will to change. I don’t want our party to work with these Congressional conniving dullards even if it encompasses some on our side. I like being the party of no. I’m not sitting idle and letting this happen again in my lifetime. I owe it to my father, children and grandchildren.